SW-Control Video wall control software

Quick Overview

SW-Control is a program that enables users to command and control SEADA SW video wall systems. It offers users the ability to create, save and edit layouts to achieve PiP, windows overlay, inputs preview and more on the video wall.

Product Details

SW-Control is a program that is used to control the SW video wall controller. It provides a graphical user interface for the users and enable users to interactively move, resize, position and crop any input capture windows.

SW-Control enables users to create and save video wall layouts and load them whenever needed. Moreover, it also allows users to create layout looping schedule to automatically switch between different layouts.

  • Friendly user interface
  • RS232 and Telnet
  • Multi language support (English, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinesse)
  • Create, copy, save and delete layouts
  • Import or export layouts
  • Short cuts for each layout
  • Looping ability between layouts
  • Text overlay on any input source
  • Position, re-size and crop input windows
  • Input signal preview
  • Support Windows2000/XP/Vista/7/8.
  • User authority management
  • Drag and drop easy operation
  • Multi video walls control (up to 4 video wall controlling simultaneously)